Creating member benefits shouldn’t be rocket science!


If the way you currently adopt new member benefit programs feels like rocket science, maybe it’s time for a change.

Want to know more?

It’s difficult to create and maintain member benefits on your own. 

We make it easy.

Our mission is to help our clients with the strategic design and implementation of membership programs that drive high member engagement and sustainable non-dues income.

You take care of members. We take care of you.

Better Benefits.

Non-dues revenue is becoming increasingly more important to Chambers and Associations.  

We can help you identify the programs that will provide you with sustainable non-dues revenue.

Non-Dues Revenue

Let us take the hassle out of finding viable sources of additional non-dues revenue.

Accelerate Revenue

With reduced budgets and staff, you may need to rethink your Chamber’s member benefit program.

Well-designed benefit programs will document an immediate ROI of membership.

Improve Retention

With increasing member expectations, having benefits that prove an ROI of member dues is more important now that ever!

Providing a portfolio of benefit programs can improve member retention. 

Member Retention


Instead of traditional programs that are one size fits all, we can help identify Group Purchasing Programs that meet YOUR members’ needs and grows your membership.

Drive Sales

Your benefit programs can serve as a great selling tool for your sales team. 


These programs will help your members' bottom-line and save them significant money on the products and services they're already purchasing.

New Members


We believe it is important for YOUR MEMBERS to be able to identify the benefits they want most. We provide a member feedback tool that will identify your members’ needs.

Each benefit is designed to save the average member more than their annual membership dues investment each year.



After years of experience, we've learned that programs are not one size fits all.   Just because a program is successful in one market doesn't mean it'll be successful in yours!

To ensure the right partner is selected, we conduct a Request for Proposal (RFP) on behalf of our clients.   We take the time to understand your chamber, your local market, and your target audience.  When we understand your chamber, we're able to advise you on the best partner for your desired program.



We work with your staff and benefit partners to develop a detailed marketing plan. Your staff will be provided with the tools, reports, marketing elements, and campaigns to drive program participation. 

We actively manage this marketing plan to ensure efficient execution to drive the highest possible results. This includes our ongoing engagement with both your Chamber staff and benefit partners to make certain that the benefits are communicated clearly to your members.

These resources leverage a revenue-focused methodology to marketing so your staff doesn't waste time or communication resources.

We are compensated on results, not promises.  


Average man-hour ROI of our established programs range from $500 - $1,200 per staff man-hour invested.

$11 Million

Saved by Members

$160 Million

Partner Sales

$2.1 Million

Non-Dues Revenue


7 Principles of Great Member-Focused Affinity Programs


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